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Personal Finance Coach & 
Cohousing Community Advisor

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door...

Get your Finances under Control

Are you living your life, working hard and you still not achieving what you wanted?

Do you want to:

»  clear debts
»  grow income
»  make savings
»  get your finance under control
»  heal your financial situation
»  develop clear home admin system
»  get rid of the stress of the financial situation
»  start building wealth for your life

»  create a home which will support you
»  achieve your dreams
»  or to be able to buy your dream’s home?

Client  Testimonials

Zora has completely changed my life. She helped me to cut off my fear of debt. She introduced me a functioning money management system to keep my situation under control and to create the right habits.
She advised me how I can create in my situation some regular saving and how to create a personal budget…read more

Tomas Novak

Very friendly and relaxed presentation of work and coaching style. I am enjoying the challenge and value Zora methods for helping me achieve my aims.

Robert Johnson

Zora is an excellent teacher. Lessons are always a challenge but are never overwhelming since Zora introduces new things in way that builds perfectly on the previous lesson. Also, Zora’s upbeat and enthusiastic approach makes each lesson an experience – you are guaranteed to laugh!

John Creighton